Page Load very slow, if no records found or no record meet default conditions


This has been causing me issues for a  long time, and not sure how to fix it or make it more performing

Mostly happening on page include

If the model is not returning any row, either because there’s none to return or there’s no record that meet default “conditions”, the load of that page include is extremely slow (sometimes 30 secs+)

Example : by default model shows records with a condition : “custom date field” must be in the last 4 months.

If it finds records it load relatively quick
If no record found for that period, it’s very slow…

If i change the filter to example show me the last 12 months, and it has rows, it loads quickly…

A rendering condition , not to load table if no rows in model, is not a solution for me, as there may be rows when I extend the range…

Anyone else experiencing this kind of issue, and if yes any potential solutions?

Thank you,

Dave, do you have a “Field from another model” condition based on the model that is returning no rows? If that is the case, make sure that the “If no row in Source Model, then…” property is set to “Abort this model’s query” not “Deactivate this condition”.

I see this scenario pretty often, especially on history objects, or notes and attachments or things like that.

Thank you very much for the quick and accurate answer!

It seems that was my exact problem.

I wish I had asked earlier lol 

But to make sure I understand properly, is there any draw back to always use that  option instead of the default one “deactivate this condition”, except the obvious one (if has multiple conditions)?


Typically, you’ll want to use “Abort this model’s query” in this situation. We should probably make that the default instead of “Deactivate this condition”. You would want “Deactivate this condition” in the case where you have additional conditions, or “OR” logic or something like that.

Thank you for details 

and +1 to make it default condition