Page List Enhancements - Master page filters

With the introduction of Master Pages in Banzai, would be great to see some new filters added to Page List.

1) Is Master Page? - True/False to filter on master pages
2) Is Child Page? - True/False to filter on pages that are children of a master page
3) Master Page Lookup Filter - For identifying children of a specific master page


Great ideas!

In the meantime, remember that you can clone the pages list page (and any of the other Skuid app pages) and create your own personalized version to use instead.

And…  we have made a “master page” filter in the page type list.  (First filter on the page list table) 

Anna - How did I never think of that? Great tip, thank you!

Rob - Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn’t noticed the Master Page added to the first filter.

I forgot to mention that in addition to the added filters, having the fields added to the table would be helpful as well (is Master, Master Page (empty if none), etc.).

Thank you!