Page "jumping" on input typing for np-panel-scroll-variable

I have very “wierd” problem.  I am putting a skuid page into our home page, and that skuid page has several tabs including a visual force page.

When I go into the visual force “tab” and type text the screen “scrolls” all over the place. Up and down with no apparent logic.   I have checked this page as a stand alone and this does not happen.  I have checked the skuid page with the visual force page in it without problem. BUT when I embed the skuid page IN the home page is when this happens.

I have used all the developer tools I can think of, and have found this “class” seems to be involved some how.


When I remove this class from the parent element… all the crazyness stops and it starts behaving normally.  

Here is the general overview:

Home page → Skuid Page (embeded as html) → Panel (2 vertical panels) → Tab Set (on both panels) → Skuid Page → Skuid Template → Visual force page

I have been fighting with this for several days, and would GREATLY appreciate any help.  I’ve never seen a problem like this.  The problem seems to be associated with “keydown” as it happens as soon as I type.  It affects both input and textarea types.

Quick side note: this only happens in Opera and Chrome browsers.  (I haven’t bothered testing IE, and Firefox does not seem to have the issue at all)


That does sound pretty crazy! I’m guessing that the scrolling mode on that Panel Set is “Variable Height Scrolling?” I know that’s not the default setting, so this is probably the way you want it to be, but just in case, if you change that to one of the other two options, does that workaround the issue?