Page Includes with Charts Do not Render Page

  1. In my parent page, I have several tabs
    2. Each tab contains page includes
    3. Page that do not have charts, renders fine
    4. Page that has no chart do not render at all… or sometimes renders and hides

Thanks for the bug report.  We will test this. 

We have been able to put charts in page includes with no problems.  Here are a few ideas about what could be happening…

1. Do you have “deferred rendering” set for the page includes?  You probably want this to be set… 

2. Are you sure you have no model name conflicts between your various pages?  Models in page includes need to be unique with models in parent page and models in sibling include pages (that will all be brought into the same parent page). 


I have the same issue. I had page includes that worked before including charts, and then I didn’t have the conflict anymore. The charts are created based on models that were already in the page include. Also, lazy load has  been set. 

One odd behavior is that the pages will actually render for a moment and then disappear. Here is what the developer console reports:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a functionhttps://therapitas–

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS 2skuid__JQuery:3

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

This is a Skuid bug, and we have been able to replicate it in our Dev org. We've already patched it in our dev org, and the fix will be included as a part of the next Skuid release. For us, it only occurred when using a Page Include within a Tab Set component. Did this match the scenario for both of you? For a workaround, are you still getting the issue if you check the Page Include's Lazy Load property?

The lazy load doesn’t work for our instance. Any other tips?

The next Skuid release will be in a few months?

O ye of little faith,  fear not!  We plan to push a release on Friday.  

Yes for me!

I tried cache and Unique Id. — It is very inconsistent. Still have issues with some pages!

Checking the Lazy Load box definitely fixed it in our Demo org (running the Superbank Release Candidate, i.e. Skuid version 6.4). Tabs also have a parameter with “Load Lazy Page Include components in this Tab when it is selected” for a label, which I realize may have been confusing things. Just to be sure, this is the check box on the Page Include that I’m checking:

Does that make any difference? As Rob said, we’ll be doing a new package this Friday which should include the bug fix.

I didn’t realize the difference! It has sort of fixed the problem.

I’ll just wait for the super quick release coming :slight_smile:

I forgot to come back and close the loop on this thread. This fix was delivered in version 6.5, and is included in all future version of Skuid.

Yes! It works. Thanks.