Page includes not loads on every page load


For a couple of months now, all our users have been reporting an issue where often times some page includes are not loading on page load. I have a very complex page with a dozen or so page includes. For about 6 months it ran perfectly, but a couple of months ago something changed. I think around that time there was a Salesforce upgrade and I updated my Skuid version.

If the user keeps refreshing the screen, eventually all the page includes load as expected within 3 or 4 refreshes.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?

Hey @Skuidward_Tentacles

    Thanks for bringing this up. I have reached out to the team and got some responses back, and we will investigate this issue. What we would like to clarify is:

  1. Are you(or anyone else having this issue) only viewing those pages through an include?
  2. Do each of the pages load consistently when viewed directly?
  3. Do you still notice the intermittent without using an include?
  4. Do you get any errors when you look at what is happening on the dev console?



  1. They work alone

  2. they work consistently when viewed directly

  3. all components on the page load correctly except page includes

  4. Several errors of several types in several places in console. Maybe someone from support could do a screen share so I can show you console errors as the page loads?

I worked through some of the errors. Ultimately it was an issue with too many components loading on page load. I put some in a tab set with lazy load and it loads fine now.

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Hey @Skuidward_Tentacles,

Just an update, the team and I are still looking into this.

What Skuid version are you on BTW?

Hey @anon57098112
I am on 14.0.4.
I still had some issues with page load of includes even after I did the lazy load tabs (fewer, but some). I ended up Forcing the include components to hide on page load and then show using an action sequence on page load. That seems to have put a band aid on it.

Hey! I may have found my issue. I’ll report back if it is not true.
On one of my pages that was included, it was loading a model that brings in records from an email service with certain subject lines for review. We discontinued using that set up and so email records were piling up. On page load, it was trying to load hundreds of records into the included page and I think that may have been causing time outs or salesforce consumption issues. I deleted the model and we will see how it goes. Thanks!

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Did anything come up in your findings @Skuidward_Tentacles?

Hey! Thanks for following up. It doesn’t seem to have solved the issue. Still intermittent issue of includes not loading. There are several and each one is fairly large in the number of records loaded in models. Console throws these two errors…

Visualforce Remoting: Context incomplete - authorization not provided
warn @ VFRemote.js:117

skuid__SharedRuntimeJS:2 RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
at Object.logActionEnding (skuidReqs.js:1)
at Object.d.runAction (skuidReqs.js:1)
at Object.d.runActionNode (skuidReqs.js:1)
at i (skuidReqs.js:1)
at Object.d.runActionsNode (skuidReqs.js:1)
at a (skuidReqs.js:1)
at skuidReqs.js:1
at skuid__SharedRuntimeJS:2
at skuid__SharedRuntimeJS:2
at n.each (skuid__SharedRuntimeJS:2)
_error @ skuid__SharedRuntimeJS:2