page includes not loading

We’re deploying a bunch of pages to a different sandbox for testing. Used page packs and change sets and everything seems fine, but I’m getting an issue with a custom theme (different post), and this issue with page includes. I’ve tried deleting the page include and adding it back in the page builder but it still does this. I’ve never seen this before, usually it just shows up blank if it doesn’t find the page include.

this is version 8.10, Winter 16, instance cs7, with a custom/my domain setup

other page includes are working in other places.

and then there’s also this - when a page include has an error, it loads the standard sidebar and header and puts the error inside there

This doesn’t fix your problem, but if you edit the layout section on the page that you’re including, make sure the display standard salesforce header and sidebar fields are unchecked. They are checked by default, and using them as includes turns that off. But when the inclusion fails, the sidebar and headers re-appear.

Any chance the Module of the page has changed? Any master pages involved here?

Is there anything else unique about this particular page include that is different than the ones that are working?

Have you done the Prerequisites in this tutorial, particularly the cloning of the “Include” Visualforce Page?… 

This is working now.

I think the page include does not exist was related to a module issue. There may have been a page not in a module that got moved to a module. I thought I tested that but maybe not. 

Once I got the themes working it started working fine. 

None of my pages have the show salesforce header/sidebar checked, so it’s strange to see that when the page included has an error. but fixing the error on the page include rendered that little bug moot. 

I’m not using this in any community or portal (yet) so the needing to clone the Include page wasn’t an issue here. 

@Jack what did you do to solve the "Page include does not exist " issue? I recently refreshed a sandbox and added the pages from production. They were not in a module but I put them all in a module now. But I still get this error when trying to use the page include.

You have to go to each place you have a page include, and re-link it. What I do is delete/backspace just the last letter of the page name so that the lookup triggers, then you have to click the page again. It doesn’t find it if it wasn’t in a module before and now it is. You could also go through the xml if you have a lot of them and adjust it that way, search for module="" and replace with module=“YourModuleName”.

Thanks Jack…I tried that but still doesn’t work for me.  Must be something else. 

Hmm sorry. If you want to post a screenshot of the page builder where you have the page include I can take a look and see if I see anything fishy