Page Include won't load for Partner Users - similar problem to one I've had in the past

I had this problem a few months back, so I apologize if this looks like a duplicate post.

I’ve created a page include that works just fine for Internal users but when logged in as a Partner User, the page include hangs with the “loading…” message on the screen.

Visualforce code for Parent Page (CaseWall):

<page action="%7B!'/apex/skuid__ui?page=CaseWall2'%7D">

Visualforce code for Embedded Page (CaseDetail):

<page action="%7B!'/apex/skuid__ui?page=CaseDetail_2015_June'%7D">

I’ve confirmed that all of the security settings are correct for the Visualforce pages. Partner users have permission to view these pages.

The only clue that I am receiving as to what is wrong is that when I disable all of the Models then the page loads correctly (it doesn’t have any of the field data, but at least the page loads).

Here is what it looks like with the “Load Model data on page load” box unchecked on all of the Models:


Are you getting any errors in the console on pageload?

When you get to Loading… hit F12 and click Console to check for errors.

That was the first thing I checked, no errors though.  

The strange thing is that I that can’t even get the child page to load for my partner users even when it isn’t embedded in the parent page.  

This smells like object level security. Are you sure the partner profile has access to all objects and records on the page? Also look in the JavaScript model object for the Debug node to see if a soul error is being thrown. In the browser console type And you should find lots of goodies.

Thanks Rob, you were correct.  The Lead model was attempting to load the “Activities History” child relationship which the Partner Users do not have access to.  I removed this field from the model and now everything works correctly.  

Glad to hear.  Thanks for letting us know.