Page include won't load for Partner Community Users

On a side note, I keep running into multiple problems when designing pages for Partner Community Users. This leads me to believe that I’m either doing something incorrectly over and over or their may be a problem with the Skuid license I’m using for my Partner Community Users. In a previous post I was having an issue (still unresolved) where my Partner Community Users can’t see the Chatter Feed in any Skuid Pages (though they can see Chatter feeds in standard pages). Anyway, here is the issue I am running into today with my Partner Community Users: No matter what page I include, Partner Community Users seem to be unable to see anything loaded in the “Page Include” field. I’ve tested this repeatedly with multiple pages and various models. I even tested it with a “Hello World” page that loaded no models at all. In each case, the Partner Community Users can see the page on it’s own but not when it is loaded in a “Page Include” from a “parent” page. Internal users can see the page just fine, but Partner Community Users are unable to see anything in the “Page Include” component. The “loading” message appears and the page hangs indefinitely. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s getting frustrating to build these pages that work great for our internal users but then fail for the Partner Community Users that they are built for. Thanks in advance! Gary

Might it be that you are using the skuid:page component for implementing skuid pages in your community?  Are you just using preview function from the skuid builder page to determine if non community users can see the page?   If this is the case, there is a problem with the skuid:page component implementation method. You will need to install a local version of a few vf pages.  Read all about it here:…

We’ll dig into the chatter issue tomorrow. 


Rob, Just to make sure I double checked that I wasn’t just viewing the Internal view through the Skuid preview function after I read your reply. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Here is the exact issue, not using the preview view, but the actual interface: 1. When logged in as Internal User I can view the parent page and the embedded child page 2. When logged in as a Community Portal user I can view the parent page but the child page (it’s embedded in a tab) hangs on “loading” (I can view the other content on the other tabs that aren’t pulled in from “page include” 3. When logged in as a Community Portal user I can view the child page by itself when it isn’t embedded in a parent page using “page include” Hopefully we can get this resolved, I feel like it’s something on my end that I’m doing wrong but so far I haven’t been able to figure it out. I also double checked all the common “page include” missteps such as models with the same name, etc. Gary

No worries.  Let’s get this worked out.   Could you grant us login rights to your org?   Here are some instructions on doing that.   Then send an email to support@skuidify with your org id and the trouble pages.  (Let’s figure out the chatter thing while we are at it…) 

This will help us provide a quicker answer, rather than just shooting in the dark… 

Thanks for helping us fix the permission issue on the page include. It’s now working just fine for both our internal users and partner users. A++ support!!

Glad to hear Gary.  We are just jazzed to be able to help out…  

I will shill for some compliments though… If you really do appreciate the help would you be willing to submit a review on the app exchange?   Here is the link:


Can you elaborate on what the permission issue is that won’t allow Community users to see page includes? We’re not using a visual force page, just the Page Include component.

What was the fix for this?

 I am running into the same issue. It works fine when viewing the page directly but as a community user. When I open up chrome dev tools to see the error from the page include, I get an internal server error,  500 status code for the resource.