Page Include within tabset causing issues

One of the tabs in our opportunity detail tabset contains a page include component (the documents tab - screenshot #1). If you land on this tab when you first load an opp, the page include loads correctly but the information on the other tabs do not (screenshot #2). You then have to refresh the page to get the data to load (screenshot #3).

Any idea what’s going on?




Hi Will, this looks like something we might have to take a closer look at to see what is going on.  Can you grant Skuid access to your org by following these instructions and then send an email to with your page name and org id?  Thanks!

Hi Will,

One quirk about page includes in Skuid is that if a page includes another page that has models of the same name, those model names collide and cause problems.  I would Prefix All of the names of your models in your Opportunity_Detail_Documents_Tab_0.1 page with something like Doc_ that way all of the models on that page will have different names than the models on your main page.  I think that will fix your issue.

Worked!  Thanks, Ben!