Page include with slider: Close all sliding panels action doesn't work...

I have a page with a sliding panel opened from a row action. The sliding panel has a button at the top labeled “Close” and with an action of “Close all sliding panels”. When viewing the page everything works, however, if I put the page in a page include, then the row action to open the slider works fine, but the button with action “Close all sliding panels” does not work.

Did you put the “page title” button above the page include in the sliding panel?  And do not use buttons, they do not work all the time.  Then set the “page title” button to “Close All Sliding Panels”

Thanks, Bill… It is above the page include, not in it. I will try the page title instead. Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried the page title, but it didn’t remedy the issue. I am realizing that I actually have a page include in a sliding panel in a page include. That is probably the issue. The button to close the sliding panel is in the sliding panel that is in a page include. I can’t really reconfigure it to get the button in the main page. For now I will continue using a popup instead, but it would be nice to use Sliding panels in this scenario.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have been able to replicate what you’re seeing. We have sent this issue over to our developers. We’ll let you know when this functionality becomes available. 

Has this been resolved?  I can’t get a sliding panel to close from within a page include on v11.1.8.  Thanks!

OK, I found a workaround – this seems to only be an issue when toggling the sliding component from a button set (from within a page include).  It works fine when toggling a sliding panel from a navigation component, so I will use that. 

When toggling a sliding panel from a button set, the panel only shows when the slide style is set to “overlay” – and that’s when it won’t close, either by clicking the toggle button or clicking elsewhere on the screen.  When set to either “push” or “reveal,” the main component moves but the panel seems to be hidden and there is white space where the panel content should be.  In these cases, hiding the (empty) panel does work in that clicking the button or elsewhere on the screen slides the main component back into place.

@stephen sells, are we any closer to this functionality working?

This is an issue for me as well