Page include with null parameter

I have a page that may or may not receive a url parameter, let’s call it patientid. If it does not, the condition is deactivated and the page shows lots of patients, instead of 1.

Now, I have a page include within the page that I would like to pass the patientid to, and have it work similarly. But in the case where the parent page doesn’t get the parameter, the page include is returning 0 patients, instead of lots of patients. I image that it’s looking for patientid=null and not finding anything.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

I basically need to pass the params of the parent page to the include directly, and have it process them the same way.

Hi Matt! Have you tried, in the condition in your page include that reads the URL Parameter, specifying that if this parameter isn’t found deactivate this condition?

Yes. That is the setting.

I suspect the problem is that the page include IS getting a parameter that looks something like this: “”

My parent page is processing id={{$Params.patientid}}, and giving that to the page include. When the parent page isn’t given a patientid parameter, it seems to be giving the page include a null value instead of deactivating the condition.