Page include Shifted in IE and FF

After Banzai install, one of our pages, that has a page include, loads with the page include shifted way to the right. See pictures:

Chrome… loads just fine.

Firefox ESR 31… page include (or maybe just the table component) is shifted

IE 11… shifted as well.

Any ideas?? This is only since Banzai was installed.

I updated to the latest Banzai release and still getting this problem. Is anyone else seeing it? Here’s another page, a page include where our analytics sit. In IE and FF it shifts the whole page include to the right. This will prevent us from installing Banzai in production as we use page includes on quite a few beefy pages to help with performance.

Thanks for the report.  We’ll address as soon as possible.  I understand this is a killer for you,  It would be for any in your situation. 

This has been addressed in our dev org and should be fixed in the next patch release. Hopefully as soon as tomorrow. 

I’m getting the same issue.  Has this been resolved?

Also, we’re getting the issue in chrome.  It appears to be working fine in Safari.

This issue has been corrected in Banzai Update 1 - which is available at Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before

Working great now, thanks!

Thanks for confirming.