Page include saves & large number of models

I’m building a pretty large page for contacts, and it’s being a little sluggish (it’s taking about 5 seconds to save because there are 11 models). I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to have different pages defined and have the “Master” save defined in the page header, or would I need to do some JS to accomplish that? 
  2. Is it recommended that I break up my “tabs” into separate page’s? I’ve got 2-3 subtabs on many, and I think it might be slowing things down by having so many models loaded simultaneously, and I also don’t want to run into the char limit.

We do reccomend splitting tabs out into separate page include pages (and selecting the “defer rendering” option on the tabset).  This only retrieves and renders the included page when it is called and makes the initial load much snappier. 

The downside of this is that you loose the “single save” feature because the models in the included page are not known to the builder when you set up the single save.  We have not been able to work around this in javascript. 

Its on our evergrowing to-do list. 

Hey Rob - Any updates on providing for a method for “single save” but deferred load? Similar to Jason, we have several pages with a lot of models and want to maintain the ability for our users to “edit” as one unit while still trying to achieve “acceptable” performance. As our page(s) grow in complexity, I’m concerned we might have to sacrifice user experience to some degree. Any updates on current or future plans on this is greatly appreciate. Thank you!