Page include passing parameter to condition a collapsible wrapper

I have a page include which has a query string Add=Add

In the included page I have conditioned the wrapper to show if the Page/URL is NOT EQUAL to Add

I assume this should work. Any ideas?

Try: &Add=Add

 I read somewhere that the & is not needed as Skuid will add to the string.  I did try it and it still does not work.

Page include parameters don’t work for anything in the included page except for model conditions. You’ll have use a model to capture it and subsequently do something with the model in order to get it to conditional rendering. Easy way… Create a model that returns a row to any object. The the condition to abort if nothing provided. Then set a parameter that will always return a row on query. Ie. id <> url parameter “Add” If model has no rows is our render condition.

Thanks Pat.  I have tried to do what you said but I failed.  Can I use the one record that I always load which has 1 record and put a UI_Filed on that record.  But how do I get the variable into that UI_Field?

It could be done, but it requires a bit of javascript.

The method I provided should have worked?

I see what you’re doing. You need to create another model just for the purpose of conditionally rendering your collapsible wrapper. Call the model “CondRendCollWrap”. Then setup the condition the same way as the video provided.

Then set the conditional rendering of the target collapsible wrapper to render when the “CondRendCollWrap” model has rows.

Thanks Pat.  I have included a video recipe for others to see your solution.