Page Include page editor link unnecessarily includes page module causing errors when you move page to new module

Hey! Great Job with Skuid! I have been a long-time user and continue to enjoy building apps. One small tweak that I think would improve user experience in limited instances is that when you add a page include to a page in the page builder (at least V1) there is a link to edit that included page. When clicked, it opens up a new tab displaying the page builder open to that page for editing. The issue is that the url that opens includes the page module parameter. I moved a bunch of pages from one module to another. The page include component didn’t update for this move so it tries to open the page in the editor with the old page module reference. This creates an error as if the page doesn’t exist. I have to edit the url to remove the page module parameter in order to get the page to load in the page editor. Since pages need to have unique names, the module is not needed as a unique identifier so it would be better left out of the URL to prevent this issue (in my opinion). Example:


You can leave out the “&pagemodule=SampleModule”

Thanks for your consideration!