page include not working

Could you possibly be missing the VF local clone page includes?…

You must find the following 3 VF Pages that come in the Skuid app / managed package, and create a local clone of each of them with the exact same name:

  1. ExportData
  2. UploadImage
  3. Include

I’m not sure this is the issue. We are using redirects and not skuid:page Visualforce components.

This does beg the question though. Page Includes … are they not a skuid:page component within a visualforce page? If so, then this would be the issue and you are right. Interesting, if this is the case, would there ever be case to not clone those 3 pages? If so, then why not just do this as a post install script when installing Skuid itself?

Yea, anytime you use page includes on a tab override i think you have to have at least that clone copy of Include. This bit me to on some tab overrides where it worked until i put a tab with a page include.

I just reviewed where the error was happening. I have never used a skuid:page visualforce component until now. That said, this page is using the this component to bring the page in. Not a redirect. So I do need the 3 cloned visualforce pages in the package. Uploading new package now.

Jarrod is correct.  To do a VF Tab override you have to use the “skuid:page” component and therefore you need to do thie local copy. 

You mean I actually answered a question instead of asking one?!?!?! YESSSS :slight_smile:

Point of clarification. Page Includes are not “a skuid:page component within a visualforce page”. Page Includes are simply a method to insert another skuid page into the DOM.