page include module property question

If I change the name of the module on a bunch of my pages some of which are used as page includes, will it break all the page includes?

I’ve noticed that part of the url string sent to page includes is “module=”
And when I use the ‘edit’ link in the builder on the page include component to try to edit the page that I’m including, the module is in the url.

Anyone have a quick answer for this one? I’d like to use modules to make our app more ‘modular’, but I need to know if I have to go back through all the pages with page include components and update them after switching pages from one module to another.

You should be fine adding module names to your included pages.  The page include component will look out for the module name. 
I have had problems when then migrating to different orgs after making these changes, so watch out for that…

Adding and changing module names is ok?

yes. (he says with his fingers crossed…)