Page Include & Model Conditions - for a noob

I’ve searched high and low and just can’t get my head around page includes.

Can someone please assist?

I am building an opportunity page. 

I have a custom object called FactFind and have created a model for that object.

Both models are working fine.

I have created a tab on my opportunity page and want to display a page include for the related FactFind record in that tab. The FactFind record Id should be referenced from the Opportunity Object in the lookup field “MortgageFactFind”.

It’s not working and I suspect I’m missing something in my query string:

I’ve tried a million things nothing works. I’m obviously missing something vital. If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

Thank you


It now looks like another issue - I have multiple tabs and for some reason nothing is displaying in those tabs.

I have field editors, tables… page include. When I preview, even if field editor is the opportunity model, nothing is loading.

Very frustrated.

I would try 2 things. Firstly, get rid of the question mark, you should just need:


Second, try unchecking “Lazy Load”, I’ve had issues with that before.