Page Include in showing error when we are using by vf page?

I have move code sandbox to production but unfortunately we have page include problem only production because sandbox is working fine .

Sounds like a security problem. Does the VF page need any permission sets assigned to it?

I can’t understand , I am system admin user in my org  and i have already used skuid page to vf page.

Here are some questions to ask yourself

Did you move the page that the page include is referencing from the sandbox to production?

Is this a standard page include or did you hardcode some URL’s to get the page include?(changing your environment changes your server url)

Are there any visualforce pages that are related to this page that haven’t been included in your change set/deployment?

Like Joseph Oritz says, did you assign the running user with the correct visualforce page permissions?

Hi kamensky !

I have page include component used in pop pup window and i also share screen shot .

And no more use to redirect URL in include component.

“if any missing from my side please let’s tag me”.


Try removing the page include in production and adding it back. That will force you to check whether or not the page is in production.

yes I have checked Kamensky add page include and  removed old page include.
But issue is still pending .

Thanks for support

Have you checked if the running user has access to the visualforce page that holds the OpportunityNew_Compact skuid page?


Still having issue in prodcution .

I have checked if the running user have already acess .

How can i fixed that.

Looks like someone’s had the same issue as you.…

Are you using the skuid:page visualforce component?

If so, you need to make a local copy of the “Include” and “Upload” page in your production environment as shown here…