Page Include in a popup

I want to invoke a Wizard from multiple places - my People tab, the Home tab, possibly others. From my People tab, I thought I’d do this with a Page Action that invokes a Wizard in a popup, and then use a Page Include in my popup. Unfortunately, Page Include disappears from the Components list as soon as I click Configure Popup. Is there another way to do this?

The big reason we don’t allow page includes in pop ups is that we don’t currently support visual force pages in popups. This is also why the chatter component is not available in a popup. There are a few solutions I can think of. Most of them feel like hacks, or old school techniques - but I’ll throw them out there just to show my age. 1. You can include you wizard squid pages as an iFrame in a template component in the popup. 2. Your wizard invocation could be a redirect action that opened that single wizard page in a new window. (Old school popup). That’s not great UX, but it might be acceptable. 3. Once you get your wizard set up, you could copy the XML into the popup section of your People tab page. You’d have to be careful with your models etc in the XML. This might work if you dont’ think the wizard page will change much and you simply want to avoid the double set up. Hope the ideas help…

Rob, thanks for the ideas. I was figuring I’d need to re-create my wizard everywhere I need it. It does make me wonder what other folks are doing with wizards. A wizard is typically a popup “walk me through the steps without taking me away from my original window” sort of thing. So I’m thinking two things: 1) Wizards in popups 2) Buttons to invoke wizards. I can use a page action button in my People tab, but I will probably want multiple buttons in places like the Home tab. Ideally, I’d like a Button component that I could throw wherever I like, to invoke a Wizard (or take me to another Page). Obviously I can do that in VF, but I’m trying to see how much I can do directly in Skuid.

The next issue I’ve run into with Wizards in popups is that I can’t close the popup on save/cancel (or any other action). That’s going to make the popup wizard unusable. The only option I can think of is to NOT use Wizards and instead make each step of the process a separate page, then use Page Title actions to save/close/redirect (next step). Am I missing something?

One of the properties of the save, cancel and navigate actions for wizards is the Redirect URL. You can reload the current record with that redirect and the popup will be closed.

Am I correct in concluding that this feature has been added? Seeing Rob said, 9 months ago,

The big reason we don’t allow page includes in pop ups is that we don’t currently support visual force pages in popups. 
I tried making my first popup and I can now put in a page include, and added a wizard as the include.  Once I realized that I couldn’t ‘lazy load’ the page include, it all worked fine.


Yes Seth.  In the Spring release we added the capabilty of using page includes in popups.  Glad it all worked for you. 

I’m trying to test a row action with a page include in the popup that references the row id as a Query String (id={{Id}}).  However, it doesn’t seem to pass anything to the included page (comes in blank).  Is this suppose to be possible?

Tom:  Try using triple braces around your ID.