Page Include from Calendar Popup unable to read the URL Parameter

I have a calendar that has one event source with two page includes for the “On click” popup. One page include renders if the user clicks on an existing calendar event and the other page include renders if the user clicks the “+” icon to add a new event.

The problem I am facing is that the StartDateTime and EndDateTime fields are not populating at all. I am passing the fields over in the URL and can see them being passed over, but the page include’s Param variables are not picking them up for the start and end times.

Image of the StartDateTime and EndDateTime being passed via the URL. {{$Param.start}} and {{$Param.end}} are not returning any values.


Hi Josef,

It doesn’t look like the slashes in the dates are being URL encoded, so they are likely being misunderstood by the browser as actual slashes and not part of the field values. Can you share what the page includes’  query strings are? 

Hey Mark,

Here is the page include query string:
start={{StartDateTime}} end={{EndDateTime}}

Thanks Josef. Which version of Skuid are you working with? And, can you try using triple mustache brackets instead of double mustaches?

Triple mustaches do not work either. 

Which Skuid release are you working with? And, is this a new issue with an existing page, or something you’ve discovered while building a new page?

This is a new page and version 10.0.11

Joe, it looks like in order to pass a datetime field through a page include’s query string, you may need to parse it into its UTC value first, and then pass that into the include’s datetime fields. Matt Sones shows some of his method in this Community post:… Amy Dewaal has provided some useful input on that thread as well.