Page include component not require module parameter

Currently the page include component requires the selection of a page by name and module, and passes the module parameter along with the page name. It would be handy if page includes required only a page name to be specified, and selected the Module based on the same criteria that URL redirects use.

That way, we could release a “Stock” version of our app, and could customize specific included pages for particular customers by placing them in different modules.  Then if any of the customized pages are used as page includes, the include component would automatically pick up the custom page instead of the stock page, without requiring us to find every instance of the include component and update them.

This is similar to the logic for multiple snippets with the same name described here:

Yes I agree. I like this. I can see myself using this in our org right now!


Thanks for sharing this idea! I’ll mark it under consideration for the dev team to consider for a future release. Vote it up if you’d like to see this!