page include 503 error url from salesforce community

when using a page include in a skuid page from the salesforce community, I am getting a 503 error.  The problems seems to be a malformed URL:…

You can see here that the base domain … is the community url, but no ‘/’ is being added before the apex.  We are doing the page include through a queue action, so as far as I see there’s no way to make any adjustments to account for this.  Please help.

Hi Edward, what version of Skuid are you on? If you are not on the Dreamforce 14 release, please upgrade by going to and clicking the install link next to the Dreamforce 14 / 5.21.7 release. Let us know if this does not fix the issue.

Also, if you are using the skuid:page/ Visualforce Component in any Visualforce Pages visible from the Community, please follow the instructions under “Prerequisites” in this tutorial.

  Thanks for the response.  I upgraded our version as instructed.  I am still getting an error but it has changed.  It is now a 404 (page not found) and the url reference is:…

You can see the URL is now properly formatted (/ between auto and apex).  We are using a redirect in this case, so I’m assuming to other steps you mentioned don’t apply.

ok, based on the error and going through the prerequisites for using the skuid:page, it did appear that it was not finding the packaged include page provided by skuid.  So I created the clone and this fixed the issue.  Thanks very much for the assistance.

Glad you were able to get this fixed.