Page Composer: Unable to re-size dialog when configuring drawer

Hey team,

To reproduce,

  • Click Configure Drawer.  The drawer dialog is shown in the composer.
  • Select the dialog and move around in the composer.  Dialog jumps to the bottom.
  • Select the dialog to re-size.  More weirdness occurs.

I normally just accept the flakiness and deal with it assuming someone else will report it or it will be found during regression.  However, yesterday I was onsite with a customer and they were complaining that the composer had gotten worse after the upgrade to Banzai.  Thought you would appreciate the feedback.


Thanks for the feedback, Irvin. There are quite a few things we’re working on to improve the Banzai composer experience. The interaction between the floating properties bar, and popups (with scrolling, resizing and moving) is definitely one of those things.

Any more specific items from your customer would be much appreciated.

Ben, thanks for the timely response.  They love Skuid – cannot put it anymore simpler than that.  A few super users can adjust pages as needs evolve.  Another reason for the love.  Feedback was from the super users. 

Thanks for the fix!