Page Changes Made Reporting

Similar to what Salesforce Audit Trail does, it would be great if Skuid pages had a similar reporting capability.

I’ve found this js that seems like it would great. diff-js-xml

I can see this being pretty slick for Skuid page builders needing to easily capture the changes for reporting purposes. As any decent builder knows, it’s way faster to build a page from an idea than to write down any technical requirements beforehand. A user story and acceptance criteria is all that is needed, along with the design philosophy for the org, and a DSS.

Spitballing here, but I see the following:

  • Object Page_Comparison__c
    • Revision_Changed_From__c Lookup to skuid__Page_Version__c
    • Revision_Changed_To__c Lookup to skuid__Page_Version__c
    • Page_Changed_From__c Lookup to skuid__Page__c
    • Page_Changed_To__c Lookup to skuid__Page__c
    • Original_XML_Layout__c 1-5 Long Text Area
    • Changed_XML_Layout__c 1-5 Long Text Area
    • All the common fields between skuid__Page_Version__c & skuid__Page__c
  • Object Page_Comparison_Change__c
    • Path__c Text
    • Type__c Text
    • Message__c Text
    • Page_Comparison__c Lookup

Then I would create 2 ways to create these records

  1. An automated comparison for each skuid__Page_Version__c created to it’s prior version.
  2. Skuid page to select the from and to to create a custom comparison.

I’m hoping to find a way to do this entirely within Salesforce, but I’m not that technically deep into Salesforce.