Page Builder - Won't Load

I’ve been working on developing a new Skuid Page for my users and today when I went to go back and continue working, I clicked on edit page and I get a white screen with Loading…  I have waited 15 mins and the page does not load. 

I have tried restoring from past versions and still am presented with the loading page. I have devote a decent amount of time to this page and it would be very inconveient to start from scratch.  Any way I can extract the XML and start fresh? Or tips on how to make the PageBuilder load this page?   Other pages work just fine, it is just this one!

I was able to export the XML by looking at all pages and looking at the PageXMLediot and previewing the page that is hanging…When I created a new one, I experienced the same issue!

I’m not sure what could be in the XML…any ideas?

Here is how we do this kind of Sleuthing…
Comment out parts of the XML. Add at the end of the section. This will make Skuid ignore these parts of your page.

Start by commenting out all the components. and resources. Will it load?
Then start commenting out models. This is where we usually find problems. Comment out one at a time and try to load. Will it load? Once it does load you can hone in on one particular model or component that is causing problems. Maybe delete it and start again.

When you comment out code in the XML, just make sure you still have well formed XML. This means you have to get the full section of XML out - from the opening tag to the closing tag.

Thanks Rob, I just found the error actually, I had added a chart and it autosaved and I didn’t have a chartset defined(?). I found the error in the dev console in chrome. then had to utilize the PageXMLEdit in order to REMOVE that chart and THEN I could access the page again! Phew, at least I know how to modify the XML now in case something like this happens again in the future!