Page Builder UX - Folders for Models

If would very useful to be able to create and set default folders for models. My very very common use is Master-Child Pages.

For Master Page I’d like to there to be a folder auto added and set as the default folder. Being set as the default folder would do 2 things:

  1. When adding new models, it would be added to the default folder.
  2. When loading a page the default folder would be open.
On any other pages, folders would have to be added and set to default manually.

This way going to any page would make it very quick to get to the models associated to the page.

Thanks, Pat! We’re working on ways right now to improve the relationship and visualization of pages,  components, and their associated models (fields, actions, conditions) within the Page Builder. We’ll certainly take this idea into account (and your Navigate-to-model-from-component Idea) as we work on solutions.

Cool beans!

Oh my lord please please please.

Yes, definitely an area for improvement.

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