page builder UI delay/stutter


I see the apexremote request you’re talking about in pagebuilder, but I don’t see any sort of delay as I make changes in the composer. Do you see this across multiple pages or just this one? Do you see it when you’re the only one editing the page? Do you know when this problem started happening?


It’s the same for all pages in Chrome, Firefox & Edge regardless of which WIFI I use. :frowning:

Also, this only happens when using the Page Builder. No other web pages do I get this delay.

Also, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been getting this behaviour, so I couldn’t tell you if it coincided with anything I’ve done.

I have a new laptop and wifi card, but I can’t see how the Skuid Page builder would specifically interact adversely with either.  

Not sure why, but seems clearing my browsers history fixed the issue. :confused:

Hmm, that’s odd. I’m glad the problem got fixed, though!

Thanks, I have got the solution without asking any question.

A win for the community! 

Yes, if everyone is getting the solution then this is a victory. You also check IP for further knowledge.