Page builder hotkeys

Does anyone else hate the ctrl+del hotkey in the skuid page builder?

I often try to use ctrl+del when editing text to delete a word at a time (instead of a letter at a time). The only place I can’t do that is in the page builder, where ctrl+del seems to be a hotkey for search (randomly? why is delete associated with search?)

Any way I can change or customize builder hotkeys?

Matt, that behavior with Ctrl+Del is not Skuid-initiated or controlled, it is due to native browser functionality related to tab order and input elements, Skuid is not causing that to happen intentionally.

Hmm. Ok? Well, that’s good to know.

I’ve done some quick searching about keyboard shortcuts in windows 10 and Chrome, but haven’t found anything related to CTRL+DELETE, other than the standard "delete the whole word"

Any idea why I might be getting the described behavior? Everytime I use CRTL+DEL in the builder (and only in the builder) my cursor jumps to the skuid search bar.

I stand corrected - looks like there is something weird in the Banzai Skuid Header that is causing this behavior. We’ll fix this in the next Banzai update.

The supported Page Composer Hotkeys for focusing the search box are:

  • Ctrl + Shift + L
  • Cmd + Shift + L
These are the hotkeys you should use for focusing the search box in pages with the Banzai Skuid Header — the bug that’s causing Ctrl + Del to make this happen will be fixed.