Page Builder Double Clicking - Auto Open Popup or Drawer

I can’t tell you home times I’ve had to traverse the multiple levels of drawers and popups via the action list.

Make it so that double clicking on the action will open the popup or drawer by default. Huge time saver.

We have a number of ideas about how to improve the action framework building experience.  We’ll take your idea into consideration as well. We know the frustration… 

This has been implemented as of Superbank Release Candidate 2, coming out later today!

It has also been implemented for Inline JavaScript and CSS Resources.

AWESOME!!! Love it already.

hehehe… I heard a good joke about time travel tomorrow.

This isn’t bad, but I really wanted was to be able to double click on the row action in the page builder itself. If the action had a drawer or popup, then opening it automatically would be great.