Page Builder - Cancel Button to Require Confirmation

Thought for sure there was a post for this. 

Such a frustrating thing to happen when the performed is lost instantly without confirmation.


^^^ bump ^^^

This would be so easy to do. Get er done! … please. :smiley:

Foiled again!

All it takes is a slip of the mouse…

Why! Why not have this? Such a no brainer. So frustrating when in the zone and you misclick ever so slightly. ERG!!!

As a result of this as well as other issues that can cause the page to mess up while editing I get in the habit of hitting Save basically after every single thing I do. A side effect of this is that it makes the revision history nearly useless. Would be nice to be able to save out a manual revision as a “Checkpoint” separately from the regular saved revisions since those are so numerous any “checkpoint” you’d write in there would get lost almost immediately.

When you manually save a revision with a title, it will be persistent. So there’s that. :wink:

Yes, keeping track of all of those in the list of pages has been interesting