Page builder allows creation of pages with duplicate name

The page builder allows you to create more than one page with the same name… when you click on “preview” you get (the first page?) one of the pages… but not necessarily the one you are working on. It should give you a warning… or just take you to the page with the name you put in for a “new page” if the page already exists.

Oh, you’re right. We should put in a validation rule or something for this.

We would encourage users to add this Validation Rule on their own, to their own orgs, if they would like to have this functionality. Using the VLOOKUP() function allows you to achieve this quite easily. To add such a Validation Rule, do the following: 1. Go to Setup > Create > Objects, and click on the Skuid “Page” object. 2. Create a new Validation Rule. 3. Setup the rule something like the screenshot below: For the content of the validation rule, do the following: AND( ISNEW(), VLOOKUP( $ObjectType.skuid__Page__c.Fields.Name, $ObjectType.skuid__Page__c.Fields.Name, Name ) = Name )