Page Auto-Save

I’d like to see an option to auto-save data changes on pages. One of the best reasons to use Skuid is to make the UI more user-friendly. Having a more intuitive “save whenever changed” page will eliminate that extra step each time, as well as prevent abandoned changes. Instant/auto saving will act more like a lot of modern websites. (I can’t remember the last time I saw a “save” button on a Google product, for instance.)

Peter, I’d vote for this. I’ve posted some similar thoughts, and I’ve lost some work because the page didn’t autosave. At a minimum it could save when 1) you click preview 2) you leave the page

Peter are you thinking more about auto-save from the Page Composer here, or auto-saving of data that end-users are entering?

Sorry, yeah, I guess I can’t edit my post to make it more clear. This was about auto-saving changes to data on rendered (end-user) pages. As I think you and I have discussed, there are a lot of issues around this, but even a limited version for specific simple cases would be a good first step. Sounds like Ken was thinking about auto-saving builder changes, which to me is also possibly a good idea, but 1) builder non-saves doesn’t result in important data loss of unknown quantities from unknown people, and 2) as a developer I’m much more aware of this issue, used to it dealing with it in other dev environments, and there is even a reason for it as sometimes I need to closely control the save mechanism anyway.