Page Assignments for Home Page (Instead of Profile Assignments)

I’m trying to override my Home page using page assignments for specific users, not based on profile. But, the profile of these users already has a Home page assignment - I just want to override that homepage for specific users.

If I do it through the Setup–> Home Page Layouts level,I have to give it to everyone with that Profile, which I don’t want to do. Any suggestions? I’m using the following VF Markup, which I think is where the problem lies:

<apex:page showHeader=“false” sidebar=“false”>

<skuid:page objectType="HomePage" actionType="Tab" page="HomePageCSM-MGR__cBK"/> </apex:page> I've been following this guide: Do I need a different VF markup if using page assignments? Any help would be greatly appreciated 

If you want to use Page Assignments, you need to remove the page=“HomePageCSM-MGR__cBK” part — otherwise this page will always be shown, and you Page Assignments won’t apply. Then you need to make sure that you have an “Organization Default” Page Assignment that points to this page, with Object Type = HomePage, Action Type = Tab. 

Got it, so I changed the VF Markup to:

<apex:page showHeader=“true” sidebar=“false”>

<skuid:page objectType="HomePage" actionType="Tab" /> </apex:page> So you're saying after that I need to create another Org Default Page Assignment that points to the same skuid page? I just did that but it didn't work. I'm thinking the problem is that I already have a page assignment for this users profile, but I want to override that page assignment with this new one. Is that even possible? Below are the 3 page assignments that are all tied to this user: <img src="//" >

So here’s the question:  Which page does Mark Perone see now.  Which page do you want him to see.   

Page assignments cascade.  So first you have the Org Default.  That gets overridden by the Profile assignment.  In turn that gets overridden by the individual user assignment. 

Mark currently sees the HomePageCSMv2 page, but I want him to see the HomePageCSM-MGR__cBK page. 

According to the cascading nature, he should see the HomePageCSM-MGR__cBK page. Would it have anything to do with the Setup–>Home–>HomePageComponents piece?

Ahhhhh, got it! I had to change the Home Page layout assignments under Setup to the new Page for the whole profile, then the page assignments worked. 

Thank you guys!!