Page Assignments by Role

Add “Role” as a Page Assignment option (in addition to Profile and Org Default). The difficult thing here is: which takes precedence, Role or Profile? The standard “assignment” hierarchy goes like this — think Hierarchy Custom Settings):

  • Org Default
  • Profile
  • User (not currently supported in Page Assignments, but
Since Users have both a Profile and a Role, we would either have to do one of the following:
  1. Arbitrarily place Role either above or below Profile in this hierarchy (unless someone can give an argument as to whether above or below is NOT arbitrary)
  2. Add Role as another dimension to the Page Assignment processing. This would:
    • Not require making an arbitrary prioritization of Role vs Profile.
    • Would massively increase Page Assignment flexibility - but also introduce complexity - which we could eventually remedy with a more easy-to-use Page Assignment “matrix” editor or improved UI. With this in place, though, we could actually differentiate by Profile and Role - e.g. there would be a default “Sales Manager” page, but then users in the “West Coast Sales Manager” Role could see a different version of this page from users in the “EMEA Sales Manager” Role, etc.
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