Page Assignments - Applies to not displaying

I have created a csv file with all required fields to bulk upload Page Assignments (using the Jitterbit Salesforce DataLoader).  This appears to work, however, when I go back to the Skuid UI, the ‘Applies To’ field is blank, even if I specify a valid Salesforce record ID (in this case, I am assigning by user).

If I export that updated Page Assignment list, the ‘Applies To’ field does show the correct Salesforce Record ID.  It just appears to be an issue with displaying the correct User Name on the UI.

Anyone else experience this?   I tried to use both the 15 character and 18 character Salesforce record ID but experienced the issue either way.

Hi Jay,

This may be because your Profile doesn’t have Read access to the skuid__Assigned_To_User__c field on the Page Assignment object. Go to Setup > Objects > Page Assignment and click on the Assigned To User field, and check to make sure your Profile has visibility to it.


Thanks for the (incredibly) quick reply.  I just validated that my assigned profile does have Field Level Security to that field.  

Okay, I think I know what the problem is — when you uploaded via Data Loader, you probably just populated the “skuid__Context__c” / Applies To field. When adding in User-level Page Assignments, you also need to populate the skuid__Assigned_To_User__c field with the User Id. For Profile / Org Default assignments, you only need to populate the skuid__Context__c / Applies To field. I recognize this is probably not obvious — that’s why we encourage people to move Page Assignments between orgs using Page Assignment Packs, rather than via manual uploads of CSV’s.

To correct this, I’d either delete your Page Assignments and re-run the Data Loader process, making sure to populate the skuid__Assigned_To_User__c as well as skuid__Context__c / Applies To, or run an Anonymous Apex script to mass update your Page Assignments.

Here’s an example of such an Anonymous Apex script you can run. Just open up Developer Console, then hit CTRL+E, and paste the following in to the window, then hit Execute.

List<skuid__Page_Assignment__c> pageAssignments =    
   [select skuid__Context__c, skuid__Assigned_To_User__c 
     from skuid__Page_Assignment__c
    where skuid__Context__c like '005%'
    and skuid__Assigned_To_User__c = null];
for (skuid__Page_Assignment__c pa : pageAssignments){
    pa.skuid__Assigned_To_User__c = pa.skuid__Context__c;
update pageAssignments;

Hi Zach - that did it.  I deleted the previous assignments and re-ran the process updating both fields.  Thanks for your quick responses!