Page assignments and communities

We have 2 record types for Case, one for support and another for a custom type of data.

For the support Cases we want to use standard layouts. For the custom data Cases we have a Skuid page. 

We have set up Page Assignments for this on View, one for each record type, and a VF redirect page using skuid.Redirects. This work nicely for this for users logged into full Salesforce.

However, for users logged into a Community it no longer plays nice. When clicking a standard Case list in the Community, the user is redirected to the standard layout as expected. But the user is redirected to the page in full Salesforce, without the Community site name in the URL. As they don’t have permission to access full Salesforce, they are showns a Sites error page.  

How can we ensure that users within a Community are directed to the standard layout inside the community for our Support Cases, while users in full Salesforce are still directed to the standard layout in full Salesforce?

We found this bug back in June and released a patch to correct it.  What was happening was that the redirect method was not pre-pending the community prefix to the URL when redirecting the user to a standard layout.  

You should go to and install the most recent version of the skuid Superbank package.  I believe that will take care of the problem.