Page Assignment Rules - Allow additional custom parameters

I have a use case where the client requires an additional parameter, Year__c, be used to determine which page gets used.

Here’s how I’d do it.

1. Add 3 Text fields so that we can extend the functionality.
2. Setup in Custom Settings to enable and label each value.
3. Update Controller to accept the 3 Text fields from the VF page.
4. Update Page Assignments page to conditionally render column for each enabled input.
5. Update documentation

See. Easy to do. Yes? No? 

As a user I’d do the following:

1. Enable and label Text_Input_1__c as “Year” in Custom Settings.
2. Set TextInput1=“2016” in VF.
3. Set Page Assignment “Year” column as “2016”

This would allow for a historical display of the pages designed, which is important for this organization.

I’ll other have to create a custom controller to do the same type of page assignments, which I’d really prefer not to.

I’m sure others will have other reasons to dynamically use pages beyond the current capacity.