Page Assignment for Older Custom VF Page & New Skuid Page

My skuid page will eventually take the place of a custom VF page, which is already being used in an override for Account-New.

In the initial rollout I would like to use Page Assignments to give most users the older custom VF Page, and to one profile, the new Skuid page.

Do you think this is possible?  Also, do I have to create a Skuid VF Page for every Object-Action combination that I will be using in the Page Assignments logic?

Thanks a lot,


I am using the <skuid:page objectType=“Account” actionType=“New” /> tag within the beginning of a custom VF page.

It nice because I can use page assignment logic within a Custom VF Page outside of Skuid.

That being said, I think the Controllers and Extensions aren’t playing nice together. Depending on the Skuid page I assign, I either get the Custom VF Rendering, or BOTH the Custom VF and the Skuid Page. I think if I toggle the settings in the page assignment, I can also get the Standard Layouts, although these are all fairly counter intuitive in terms of which switches are doing what.


I got this to work with an action tag in the beginning of an apex page:

<apex:page standardcontroller=“Account” sidebar=“true” deferLastCommandUntilReady=“true” action=“{!CASE($Profile.Name, ‘System Administrator’,‘’,‘’

Jacob.  I’m glad you were able to get this working.  We have not historically supported including standard visualforce page in our page assignment processes so that some profiles could get Skuid pages and other profiles would get the standard visualforce page.  It looks like you are moving our capabilites forward by suggesting a workaround.  Thanks!  We appreciate having such great customers!