Page Assignment by App

I have a second version of our main contact page that some users want to access only during meetings.  We've setup a separate SF "app" to limit the number of tabs shown and different versions of custom pages, but can't seem to figure out how to offer an alternative page for Contact View. 

I can do page assignment only by User profile or Record Type, but it really needs to be filtered by App so users can easily switch back and forth...or a way to add Contact View as an independent VF page (rather than View override)...

I can’t think of a way to detect the app currently selected as part of page assignments.

You may be able to do something where the VF page detects the app currently selected in order to set the skuid page to be used as opposed to using page assignments.

Something like this logic:

if (app == ‘Simple App’){
} else {


Probably not what you are looking for but in case you have not considered those options:

- a button on contact page that  shows a popup with secondary contact view 

- A button on contact page that redirects to secondary view  URL (and a button on that page that redirects to original view)

- Clone existing profiles of those users, assign secondary view to those profiles and change profiles before meeting for those users

- have both pages display in 2 tabs in main contact page at all time

-add both pages via page include + create a UI only field (checkbox)  name it example: ‘show simplified view’ and  add conditions on those page include: one to show if UI field = true, and the other to show if UI field= false

Hope it helps