oy, my drawers part 1: manually sorting a table within a drawer removes rows from other open drawers

Maybe this is expected behavior given how table manual sorting works, or at least how I think it works (requerying the model), but not sure…  I have a table of child records within a drawer component.  The table is linked to the parent via context condition, I am using get more rows to query the child records in the before load actions of drawer component, and all that is working fine.  Having multiple drawers open correctly shows the child rows for each parent row.  However, when I click the header of a sortable column on a table within a drawer, the re-sorting removes the rows from the other open drawer(s) and I have to reload the page to get them to show again.  Should that be happening?  I’m on Skuid version 9.5.6.  Thanks!

And here is part 2, which is asking about a different issue, but gives some context that might be helpful here.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue, but I’m not 100% sure I’m following what you’re asking. Is there any way you could use standard objects to reproduce the error and paste the XML here?