Override Salesforce new record page

Hello, I’m trying to override a new record page for a custom object in Salesforce.

Is the best way still to go through Classic deployment and create a visualforce skuid assignment page?

If so, where is the documentation for this? I tried this link, but it’s broken.


Hey Sam!

First, thanks for catching that bad link. I’ll get that fixed to appropriately redirect folks.

As for your deployment question, the best path forward depends on a few things. The short answer is, if your users are mostly in Salesforce Classic, then you’re on the right path setting up a Visualforce override. This is also a good method if you prefer Skuid take up the entire screen. Here’s the proper link to get started on that process:


If your users are primarily in Lightning Experience, and-or if you’d like your Skuid pages to exist beside Lightning components, it’s usually best to use the Skuid Page Lightning component in the Lightning App Builder to reference your page. There are also a few other Lightning deployment strategies that you’ll find on this page as well:


Hope this helps!