Override new action with different record types

I am trying to create a “New” Account Page, that shows different fields depending on the record type selected (in the standard page) but even if I select a specific record type it always displays the page as it would look for the default recordtype set on the user’s profile. How do I make it so if they select a record type from the drop down that it remembers this on my custom page.

Step 1: Selected Business Account, clicked continue.

Step 2: Record Type ID should be Business Account as previously selected but instead defaults to Client Account.

I’m not sure you are going to be able to control what happens when you push continue on the standard salesforce record type picker.  What we would reccomend instead is that you put the record type selection in the skuid page.  You could do that as a first step in a wizard,  or apply conditional rendering to the contents of the page so that on first load the only thing that appears is the record type selector.  And when a particular value is selected,  the rest of the fields specific to that record type would show. 

Grace - I had some similar issues with Record Types, when creating a new record it always defaulted to the user’s default record type for that object. You can fix this with a combo of using a model for Record Type, a condition on the model for your new object, and finally a filter on the reference field itself. See the last posts here: https://community.skuidify.com/skuid/topics/users-default-record-type-value-in-picklist-even-though-…