override increments on datetime field

I have a use case where users need to record the exact minute a vehicle arrived / departed at its destination - we are using a datetime field for this. However the default increment for the time portion of this field is 5mins.

I am using a custom field renderer to try and override the increment values, and I was hoping that by adding 1 minute to the existing time (whatever that happens to be) the UI would be forced to re-render the time picklist in 1 min increments.

But…unfortunately its only adding in the ‘01’ to the list, and the rest remains in 5 min increments - see below:

Here is the custom field renderer:

var field = arguments[0],        value = skuid.utils.decodeHTML(arguments[1]),
   $ = skuid.$;
 var jsDate = skuid.time.parseSFDateTime(value);
jsDate.setMinutes(jsDate.getMinutes() + 1);
value = skuid.time.getSFDateTime(jsDate);

Is it possible to force the time portion to be rendered in 1 minute increments? This is fairly critical functionality for us as this value ends up being merged into a document for the customer.


As of Banzai, there’s no need to use a custom field renderer to do this, you can set the increment declaratively from the “Advanced” properties of the Datetime field – change the “Minute Picker Increment” property to 1 and you’ll have what you’re looking for!

Booyaahh!! thanks Zach.