Override field metadata default values populating every other row in table

I set default values on two date fields on a model containing child records using the override field metadata option to pull a date from the model containing the parent records, as pictured:

I have a table for the parent model, with a drawer component which contains a table for the child records. When I add a new child row (either inline or with a global action button on the child table) the default dates correctly show up from the context parent row, but strangely, the default dates are blank for every other row added:

Am I using this default value feature correctly? I know I could also use model conditions or default values in the create new row action, but I don’t think either of these quite get me what I need. In the case of a model condition, I would not want to filter child rows that are outside the parent records start/end dates. In the create-row-action default values, I am not sure how to set these to the parent context row’s values.

I am using Skuid version 9.5.6. Thanks for any help with this!

I also see the behavior that you do, and agree that it’s weird. What I’m not sure about, though, is if overriding the field metadata is meant to be used with new rows like that, although I don’t know why it wouldn’t be able to. I’ll go ahead and log it as an issue.

Typically, when people want to specify a value in a field on a new row, they’ll do it either through the action framework somewhere, or in an action under the model. However, I can see for date fields that you can’t set them to be a value from another model. I think that’s a shame (and I actually wanted to use that functionality as well just the other day) so I’ll submit a request about it to the product team.