Organize Skuid pages in folders or with tags

We’ve only been using Skuid for 6 months and have quite a few pages created and some are development/testing vs live pages across multiple parts of the business and objects in SFDC.  It would be great to have a way to organize all of the pages on the Pages tab with folders or even tags and then be able to drill down or filter based on those.

You can search, but I don’t know what the new test page is called that someone has started working on was named.

You’ve got a couple options available to you now.

  1. Clone the PageList page and customize the “Page” object to suit your needs. ie. you can create  a “Tags” object with a junction object between the “Page” object and “Tags” called “PageTags”
  2. Make use of the Module feature on the current PageList page.

While Pat’s idea of customization is very interesting.  We’d reccomend starting with the Module feature. 

You first need to create new values for the module picklist field (In Setup go to Create – Custom Objects – Page Object – Custom Fields – Module.   Even though that object is part of the Skuid managed package you can add picklist values.  I often make modules for “Deployed,  Testing” etc.

Then you can define which pages belong in which modules using the mass update feature on the pages table.