Organization Object data is undefined when non-SYS Admin users access skuid page


When trying to validate the current organization is Sandbox or Production using “Organization” standard object created a model in skuid page.

var isSandbox = orgnModel.getFieldValue(orgnRow,‘IsSandbox’);

When a non-sys admin user executes the page, always, isSandbox  is “undefined” .

and this user has no “View All” or “View Setup and Configuration”, as per their role we shouldn’t provide those permissions.

Hence , any thoughts on how to get this done ?



The organization object is one that Salesforce keeps locked down. Skuid is able to access it on the back end but we are not able to modify which profiles are able to view it. Skuid respects all of Salesforce’s security settings so if Salesforce has restricted it to only Syst Admins, anyone who needs access to it will need to be a Syst Admin.

Sorry can’t help you!