Org Name on Page Composer / Pages screens

It would be really, really helpful if we could have the Org Name displayed somewhere prominent on these pages - perhaps to the left of “Composing” and “Pages” in the page titles so it doesn’t disappear off the screen when you scroll…

Would do it myself but we can’t edit the pages in the Skuid module!

I’m always on board with ideas that make it clearer what Org you are working in. Even Salesforce itself can make it really hard when (as a client-work-based-developer) you are in and out of 15 orgs a day trying to fix everyones problems :smiley:

Luckily right now I am only working on one Skuid based project, but I actually can imagine this becoming an issue in the near future.


Hi Linus, it looks like you can build a model that connects to the Organization object, and pull Name, Id and other org-related fields into the page that way.

You can then display them in any number of components, depending on what works for your page.

Hi Mark,

I don’t think I’ve explained myself properly, what I would like is the Org Name displayed actually in the Page Composer and Page List pages, not on the page that I’m building in Skuid when I preview it.

For example, several of our sandboxes are on the same Salesforce instance, so I can’t easily see which environment I’m in when I’m composing a page, or viewing the list of pages available to edit.

Does this makes sense?


Yes, that makes sense. For the present, the user needs to look at the URL to orient themselves, but I can see how this might be useful for those of us who hop between many orgs.

That worked for us until the last time we refreshed our DEV sandbox and it ended up on — the same as our UAT one!