Option to not show table footers

For small subforms there doesn’t seem to be a need to show the table footer. I did it will a little CSS but you might consider it as a checkbox option. It would have to mean that the table would show all its rows… regardless of how many. You can see here the phone subform has no footer.

Ken. If you turn off excel download and set the table to load all data you will get what you are looking for.

I did both those things… but AFTER I had figured out how to hide it with CSS… more than one way …

Rob - I have followed the steps that you outlined (turn off excel download, set table to show all) and the table is still displaying the footer with the text “Showing Rows 1-6 of 6”  Possibly I am overlooking a step?

As Ken mentioned, I can hide with CSS but if there is a way to do this via the declarative interface that would be ideal.


Hi Tyler can you please share your css for this? Would be much indebted.

Hello Gregg -

Here are the steps I used to accomplish the above:

1) Add css class to table that I want to hide footer on (e.g. hidetablefooter)
2) Add a css resource with the following css:

.hidetablefooter .nx-list-footer {

The reason for step #1 is to ensure that the footer is hidden only on tables I want it hidden on and not all tables.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Barry.  Works like a charm…

This is great to find! I tried it though and I’m still seeing “showing rows 1-…”.

I added the class to my table:

I added the CSS Barry has above, but still see it’s “showing rows…” when i view my page:

Any thoughts on what i’m doing wrong?

Thanks guys!

I think that when you add the css class to your table, in the top image, the text should be “hidetablefooter” and not “HideTableFooter”. I may be way off, I just think that I’ve run into css case sensitivity issues before.  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12533926/are-class-names-in-css-selectors-case-sensitive

Thank you Moshe!  You weren’t way off…you were right on.  I didn’t even think of case sensitivity.  Thank you!

Always think of case sensitivity…