Option to not render a component (without using toggling, ui-model tomfoolery, etc)

It’d be neat if there was a rendering option on components which was simply “Do not render”. This would predominantly be for testing or if you wanted to hide a component temporarily but not throw away all of your good work.

I currently just add a rendering option of Page/URL Parameter asdfasdfg = fashjdgfkjahg to hide the component, which isn’t terribly elegant…

Anyway, if I’m missing a simpler way of doing this please let me know.



I add a lot of documentation to my pages by rendering page title or rich text components for a Running User profile attriubute (Last Name?) of DOCUMENTATION.

I bet a lot of us come up with different ways of doing this sort of thing. Your comment reminds me of another thing I’d love to have in Skuid - a text area for each component /action/action-sequence/condition/model where you can put in some documentation or guidance as to what the intention was! It’s always very clear until it isn’t as to why I did a thing a certain way…


I just add rendering logic to the component and use a user profile called hide if I don’t want it to display and System Administrator If I want to test it out.  Then just delete the logic on the component. 

Louis, we are planning to implement this in our next release — it would be so much simpler to be able to just say “Don’t render initially” than having to do, in your very accurate words, “Ui-Model tomfoolery”, which should not be necessary.

Agreed about the need for a “Description” property being available consistently throughout components in the Page Composer — we started on this direction in Millau with Action Sequences, where we allow you to give an Action Sequence a Description which only appears in the Page Composer for the purposes of explaining a sequence’s purpose, but has no meaning at runtime.

Awesome! That’s ace.

+1 on the request for a description field on components!